Office Building


9,301 Sq. ft.


Kristen Hedin, CPM, RPA
VP, Property Management


After nearly 2 decades in the east metro, MSP Commercial found their new headquarters on Penn Avenue in the form of a single-story, adaptive reuse project. With help from key project partners Fixed Assets and Pope Design Group, MSP was able to create a workspace for future team and portfolio growth.

The 1950s building, was originally home to a HVAC manufacturing company, and over nearly seven decades, four expansions had been added to the original structure. With exterior walls on the interior of the building and different floor grades to accommodate, the structural layout created an interesting and beautiful cohesive open office space.

Embracing the building’s history, the design features a mix of mid-century and industrial style aesthetics including:

• Open ceilings           • Concrete floors           • Painted concrete block

• Geometric textiles    • Clerestory windows     • Asymmetrical façade

An amenity-rich space, mental health, collaboration and ergonomic considerations were a top priority for leadership during the design process. With a focus on work-life balance, a lounge, mother’s room/private space, fitness center, and shower room were incorporated into the building design.

To bring natural light throughout the space, three overhead doors were replaced with glass doors, glass panel walls, and retail-style window panes were placed along the front of the building.

The open office layout maximizes collaboration by bringing department team members together in a pod formation of ergonomic workstations. The space also offers multiple alternative work spaces including semi-private booths, lounge areas, shared private offices and technology-enabled collaboration rooms.

In addition, a turf-carpeted recreation area offers a respite and more casual option for collaboration as well as socialization, with a shuffleboard, air hockey table and wet bar.